Participant Experience

Past participants of this course consistently report that this program has inspired and improved their clinical practice and outcomes. Here are a few comments from recent attendees:

“What a privilege it is to learn from such an extraordinary group of physician specialists. I am eager to incorporate the innovations they shared into our everyday practice.”

“HANDS DOWN, the BEST update I have ever heard on lipid therapy.”

"This course has helped me in many ways to care for cardiology patients in the ER, especially in the time of COVID-19."

"Further learning about how COVID-19 affects the CV system, especially the pathology behind the complications, helps me to better care for COVID patients who require cardiology consults in the acute care setting."

"I use the very helpful information on differentiating between the different types of AS when assessing if patients I see in general cardiology clinic need to be referred to our valve clinic."

"The information concerning the side effects of some of the commonly used chemo agents and how to approach the management of these side effects is extremely helpful to my practice."

“New information regarding some of the new DM drugs for atherosclerosis and CHF will be implemented into my practice.”

“This has definitely changed our use of the newer agents and decreasing sulfonylurea use.”

“For long-term management of patients with heart failure, the information on ablation was invaluable.”

“Just to mention a few changes inspired by this course: the prescription of exercise; the evaluation of the oncology patient; the proper use of anticoagulants in prevention of CVA; the proper use of antiplatelet agents in non-STEMI; the approach to the pregnant patient with heart disease; the approach to the adult with congenital heart disease.”

“This course has led to changes in the evaluation of cardiomyopathies, use of troponin, care of cancer patients, and length of DAPT.”

“The updates on the cardiac toxicity of some oncology therapies have changed my approach to counseling patients about treatment options.”

“This was really important in resetting my goals for lipid lowering.”

“Excellent presentations — all full of clinical pearls that have improved my practice.”

"The information regarding COVID-19 and thromboembolism was extremely helpful and will impact my practice directly on a daily basis."

"All the latest data presented on ticagrelor, prasugrel is highly useful to my own practice."

"As an NP working in outpatient cardiology practice, this course gave me so much helpful information to help my decision-making re: medical therapy, need for testing, when to refer, etc."

“This is the best course in terms of current, state-of-the-art information and careful, thoughtful evaluation about how to apply it.”

"My subspecialty is EP but the information related to management of HF and CAD patients will be invaluable to my overall understand of patient care."

"I will bring many of the recommendations regarding COVID-19, including MCOT, to our hospital."

“Having attended this program, I am more confident treating pregnant patients with concomitant cardiac disease.”

“This course has influenced my practice in too many ways to mention! Among them: avoiding enteric coated aspirin, making better use of the guidelines for evaluation/stress tests, and making better decisions regarding DAPT as well as NOACs.”

"The clinically useful knowledge presented in this course, especially concerning syncope, cardiac markers, PE and AF was truly exceptional."

"Cutting-edge information was presented in every lecture."

“I follow the expert info/guidelines presented at this course, especially for DAT as well as anticoagulation duration for recurrent PE/DVT.”

"This course will assist me in preventing COVID patients from being transferred to the ICU."

“I have made changes to my practice in the current control of hypertension, lipidemias, and peripheral vascular disease.”

“The aspirin data supplied in this course really changed my practice on DAPT for post-PCI patients.”

“I count on and look forward to this course every year to benchmark my practice and to stay current and skilled.”

"Update in Clinical Cardiology was an excellent course given by physicians dedicated to their specialty and truly experts in their field." 

"The degree of evidence-based practice and recent research discussed and incorporated into recommendations was exceptional." 

"It is always a great pleasure to hear from physicians who actually see patients and have clinical experience and recognize evidence rather than merely following guidelines."

"I rely on this course for my yearly update for the 'best practice' of current/contemporary clinical cardiology." 

"The research on exercise and the heart and RNA as well as the cardio-oncology information was cutting edge."

"As an internist working as a hospitalist in a 25-bed critical access hospital, I will utilize the clinically practical information provided in the course: the cardiac markers, new management of HF, management of ACS, and excellent information on syncope."

"After this course, I am confident that I will appropriately use diagnostic and therapeutic tools to treat patients with cardiovascular disease."

"I am now more up to date with diagnostic and treatment decisions."

"I have changed my management of the lipid panel and made adjustments to statin therapy."

"After this course, I am dosing medications differently." 

"This course provided me with excellent resources to provide for statistical data for treatment (pharmacological and intervention/procedures), and up-to-date imaging recommendations."

"I now make better use of new developments in percutaneous valves and NOACs."

"My practice has implemented the new guidelines referable to management of CAD/dyslipidemia."

"I have instituted more aggressive anticoagulation of elderly AFib patients, and pay closer attention to potential cardiac diagnoses in younger patients presenting with what seems like initially non-cardiac symptoms."